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Oregon’s bold, forward-thinking she-governor removed graduation standards from her state’s failed public “schools.

Boyle said in an emailed statement that suspending the reading, writing and math proficiency requirements while the state develops new graduation standards will benefit “Oregon’s Black, Latino, Latina, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Tribal, and students of color.”

The included laundry list of not-Americans who, to be fully honest, can’t (can’t, not won’t) attain sufficient literacy and math skills, will not benefit from this or any other idiotic scheme. That said, it’s hard to see why Asians were included. Whites are the only group left off, which should tell the awake and aware Heritage American something. Brown (the case more than the dim-witted elected pythoness) wasn’t just wrong, it was downright dyscivilizational and possibly dysgenic.

In a way, the new anti-standard is the only one that makes sense for the post-American trainwreck. You, of course, who want your kids to learn anything, already know the answer. For the masses, Oregon is Ore-gone.