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If Israel is so intent on being defeated by Iran (or anyone else), so be it. The US should abstain because 1) it’s not our business, and 2) we don’t need another sound defeat.

Any confrontation, with any enemy provided drones and missiles by either Russia or China, will reveal the US military to be not just a paper tiger, but a paper tiger who has been thoroughly immersed in water. At this point, I think it is more likely that we’ll wake up to find the USA being ruled by a USMC colonel and China in possession of Taiwan than for Creepy Joe’s anti-administration to engage in large-scale offensive operations outside the US borders.

It’s clear that the AIPACkers and ELOWs in the anti-administration desperately want war with Iran before they lose their influence over the US military. But it’s equally clear that the US military has no hope of winning any serious encounter with the China-Russia-Iran anti-imperial alliance. Hence the serious in-fighting presently taking place within Washington.

The CIA media is going to have to move mountains to hide the magnitude of the USSA’s next (and hopefully) final defeat from the public. As for Israel, Bennett is rapidly losing his luster. Here’s hoping he doesn’t lose his country too.