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Then you supported making American and US women eligible for the Empire’s military draft. It’s on its way.

Senate Democrats are proposing a sweeping rewrite of the military draft laws aimed at requiring women to register for the Selective Service System, according to a draft authored by Senate Armed Services Chair Jack Reed and obtained by POLITICO.

The changes to Selective Service could be attached to the National Defense Authorization Act, a defense policy bill that’s one of the few pieces of legislation considered a “must-pass” by Congress. The move would reignite a contentious debate over whether women should be required to register for the draft, a move the House and Senate have each considered in recent years, though the change has never become law.

Congratulations, feminists and other evil-doers. Baby, you’ve come a long way. Fortunately, this still only impacts eligibility and, more importantly, the USSA only has about two short wars left in it – both foregone losses. When or if you participate in building a new nation, legislate that anyone who ever supports women in the military or women operating under something like the 19A be executed summarily for discivilizational treason.