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We will be free of satanic debts. Vox on the coming, inevitable Jubilee:

A student-debt jubilee is absolutely necessary, it’s just, and it’s fair:

Almost nobody is repaying their student loans

In the 2020 CARES Act, Congress gave student-loan borrowers a temporary break from repaying their loans. President Trump extended that twice and President Biden once, with loan payments now set to resume Oct. 1, 2021.

Borrowers could have kept paying if they wanted to, but almost nobody did. As Tom Lee of the American Action Forum recently explained, the portion of borrowers repaying their student loans dropped from 46% at the beginning of 2020 to 1% today. The portion of borrowers in forbearance rose from 10% to 57%. The rest include borrowers who are still in school, who have gotten deferments or who have defaulted.

Read the whole thing and the comments that are building after it. I’m on board, of course. Vox throws a “payment plan” bone to the wicked Boomers – I’d be okay with it so long as we also even up the “fairness” aspect of the generational abortion issues: Meaning, Boomers missed out on being murdered as babies the way they murdered all the babies of the subsequent generations, and we can’t have Boomers ever miss anything because they’re the center of the universe, so, you know, let’s even things up!

Also, most people who oppose anti-usury decency are either evil or retarded. As such, they are immune to moral, legal, or mathematical reasoning. I tried to think of better rhetoric for reaching them:

Boomer Ass: Why should we help anyone? They signed a contract! Let them be slaves!

Me: Well, FOX News says canceling student loans will be good for Israel. That way, no one will ever call you a racist.

Evil Boomer: DO IT!!