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I’ve explained before why I frequently add “VP&C” to the end of the standard “LGTB+” devil’s acronym. An oppressed “teen” in Nairobi fills in the end of the rainbow.

‘Vampire’ serial killer admits murdering 10 children and sucking one victim’s blood. Child serial killer Masten Milimo Wanjala admitted his five-year spree and is now assisting police after two bodies were discovered near Nairobi, shocking Kenyan reports say.

Vampirism, real or fictional, is full-on satanism. Pedos prey on … children. Cannibalism, of which vampirism is a form, is both a freak fetish and a savage way of life. None of it is compatible with civilization and, thus, all of it is desired by the luciferians who want to destroy civilization. VP&C. The shame for Amerika is that the wise people of Kenya will execute this foul thing before it can be exported to the West, where it could have added so many benefits of DIEversity. Your local cuckservative or libertardian is probably already defending this demon’s actions.