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Emmanuel Macron is a war criminal and a sack of shit.

The key measure announced by Macron will make the EU Digital Covid Certificate — commonly called “health pass” — mandatory in all cultural venues, including cinemas, theaters and concert halls starting on July 21. Starting in August, the health pass will be mandatory in cafes, shops, restaurants, as well as trains and planes, among other places.

France is under active invasion by hordes of angry, violent savages who are tearing the nation to pieces, and Macron, the bankster’s boy, will ban sane Frenchmen from shops and cafes. Where, then, will they get their food? I suppose the Mohammedans’ work will be easier if the native population is either starved to death or poisoned with the mRNA death jab. One hopes that Le Pen’s first act as President next year will be to terminate her willful enemy combatant predecessor.

In the USSA, who or whatever is behind fake president Greenscreen would happily follow Macron’s lead.