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Sometimes even fake right shills have good ideas. Dan Bongino wants to form “safe spaces” … for our kind.

Bongino made the remarks during his daily podcast Thursday morning, calling for right-wingers of all stripes to flee “liberal cities” in order to form their own “freedom and liberty-loving enclaves.”

“Listen, nothing is real anymore to leftists. Nothing. Spying, government spying, critical race theory, censorship. Nothing is real; it’s all made up,” Bongino said. “It’s a figment of our imagination.”

“Leftists, again, reality just kicks them in the cojones every day, so they just lie,” he added. “We have to get away from these people. I know that might trouble some people listening to the show today; we have to get away from these people.”

I agree! And I’ve thought of names for at least two of these spaces where Westerners can be free and safe: North America and Europe.