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The Hoax and other matters have taken a slight toll on the fiction, it’s true. Fear not! Dr. Ironsides and friends are making slow, steady progress. As you’ll see in a moment, the CIA’s former best was in action recently and was astoundingly accurate in his assessments of matters straddling the real and fictional worlds.

Readers know or guess that this blog now doubles as a Gal Gadot fan club. In May, I explained why as part of my exploration of GG’s sweet tweet and the organized cyberwarfare response against her.

Many Gadot-bashers are, I deduce, robots and paid shills. There’s just too much homogeneity and synchronization across many of the comments on multiple platforms. That made me realize something; this isn’t really about Gaza and it’s certainly not about Gal Gadot. It has the signature of the Unrestricted Warfare described by PLA Cols. Liang and Xiangsui in 1999. There are multiple fifth-generation conflicts being waged around the world by multiple parties for multiple reasons. Some of them concern Israel, the Arab-Muslim Middle East, and the United States. Who and why? I have no definitive idea. However, a popular movie star provides an attractive vehicle for spreading the overwhelming chatter. Strange things do happen – more frequently than one imagines.

Last month, I went ahead and gave her credit for ridiculously grand things. My suspicions about the 5GW elements were also confirmed.

As I noted then, I immediately sensed something nefarious behind the vicious attacks on our Wonder Woman. Immediately. I mentioned some obvious signs of SJW attack, 5GW, a book people won’t read, and the existence of various wars most wouldn’t understand or even acknowledge. About a week later, I was backed up by some Israeli publications, the engineers at Twitter, and a consulting company in France.

Again: It’s me, immediately, or the “experts,” later.

However, Big Tom delivers instantly and more accurately than I could ever hope for. At the end of May, in an unpublished short story to which only a select few were privy, he met a young fictional actress suspiciously like the real GG. It turns out that she had just experienced the exact same kind of backlash over a peace Tweet. She asked and he answered:

‘Who, if you had to guess, doctor, do you think is behind the ruse?’ she pressed.

‘That,’ he said while thinking, ‘could be anyone. One or more factions of your people – within or without. Could be Hamas. Iran. My old employer. China. Bank for International Settlements. It could be some loose collection of malcontents in southeast Asia or somewhere. Facegram or Twithead could, if they cared, try to run down some IPs. …’

That doubly awkward moment when your character creation meets a fictional dead-ringer for your celebrity crush and hits the speculative nail on the head. Malaysia is somewhere in southeast Asia.

Malaysian groups waged cyber warfare against Israeli and pro-Israel social media accounts during May’s conflict between the Jewish state and Gaza-based terrorist organizations, according to a new report from the Israel-based Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center.

The report found that during Operation Guardian of the Walls from May 10 to May 21, a network of anti-Israel groups emanating from the southeastern Asian Muslim nation massively attacked mainstream social media and messaging platforms against Israelis and supporters of Israel.

The attacks took the form of harassing and trolling pro-Israel accounts and suspending and blocking the accounts, according to the report.

The targets included former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Hollywood actress Gal Gadot

Rather than say I was right about anything, let me just warn certain Malaysian trolls to pray Tom Ironsides stays confined within the pages of novels.