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Good old Fred knocks another one over the far wall.

Methinks the US may very well be heading toward a social explosion. The phrase “race war “is overwrought if it implies organized units and chains of command. However, in a country awash in firearms, a bloody, disorganized, continent-wide eruption is possible. To think “it can’t happen here” is complacently inattentive. We have already seen it in temporal and geographic piecemeal in the Fergusons and Portlands and Baltimores, in the armed anarchy of the cities. Arguably a broader uprising has failed to happen only because of intense pressure from government and media, and because whites have not acquired a sense of racial identity. If they do, or when they do, Katie bar the door.

It’s really good, really honest, and probably really accurate. You, who embraced tolerance, equality, equity, et al, helped bring us to this point. As for the “it can’t happen here” brigade, I again note that a head in the sand is primed for the scimitar. But, hey, it probably won’t be in your neighborhood, right? You do live in the woods way north of Lincoln, ME, right?