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I warned this was coming. Now, the Nazgul of the Supreme Court are asked to visit sex and gender equality upon the military draft.

The Supreme Court is being asked to decide whether it’s sex discrimination for the government to require only men to register for the draft when they turn 18.

Taking the survival of civilization thing – ever unpopular – out of the equation, of course, your daughters should be drafted. Remember that “equality” thing the luciferians pushed forever? Well, now, it’s … wait a second! Today, it’s not equality but EQUITY they’re after. So, I suppose that for the next 200 years, we should only draft women. You know, to even things out. Only boys get killed in combat and THAT IZ nOT OkAy!!!

The good news is that, even if this comes to be, it won’t last long. The Empire has two final wars left in it. There the Balkanization domestic war, already in progress, and the last of the foreign mistakes. The Empire will lose both badly. Rump States: put it in your Constitutions that anyone suggesting women be drafted can be summarily executed for treason.