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I saw this and kind of disregarded it until today. Now, like Vox Day, I tend to doubt “Mr. X” is real. Still, the following has so much truth in it as to be astounding.

Mr. X says:

“You have to understand that Obama, Trump or Biden report to the same ‘number one,’ and they have no say on any important issue.”

“Number one” was formerly OSS (Office of Strategic Services) with William J. Casey under Wild Bill Donovan (creator of OSS) and later CIA. He married a super-rich lady and ran a prosperous industry. Number one said that they were not going to stop the currency rigging that was destroying our industries as we were number one in the world and could afford it. And Wall Street wanted to make money out of it who were rigging the markets through cash settlement to this day. Number one also controls the Congress and the Supreme Court and I am quite familiar on how these leading wonders were groomed. They essentially are picked because they can be controlled by past corruption and they have the goods on them.”

“The CIA doctored the boarding tapes of Islamic people boarding planes in Boston and blamed 9-11 on a failed former CIA asset named Osama bin Laden who had nothing to do with it and then decided to detonate Building Number 7 since the necessary misdirection was supplied by the doctored boarding tapes. Then there was reason to send the army to Afghanistan, bin Laden’s lair, to take over the heroin/poppy trade there. Trump wanted out of Afghanistan and that was why the Deep State had to engineer an election against him. Trump had tapes showing this ruse and could have released them, to win the election. For unexplained reasons, the tapes weren’t disclosed publicly.”

Read the whole thing as it only gets better (or worse).

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