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Vox Day is the best of the best. This post is one of his best.

Americans have desperately tried to avoid accepting the obvious: their nation was destroyed by evil people who labored hard from 1920 to 1965 to open up the borders of the USA for precisely that purpose. But the truth is no longer deniable by anyone with even a modicum of honesty and historical awareness. The only question is what price Americans will have to pay for being foolish and stupid enough to permit the entry of history’s great nation-wreckers, and how much land they will have to sacrifice to the imported foreign hordes in order to be free again.

Fortunately, it is already clear that the century-long attempt by the Satan-worshipping pedophiles to utilize the US empire to establish their long-cherished dream of Techno-Babylon has failed. Both the Chinese and the Russians are already at war with them; the Russians expelled them and the Chinese have refused to fall for their usual blandishments.

I’ve had more than a few columns censored or canceled for stating the obvious truth to people who prefer fantasy and delusion. At some point, the honest and the intelligent must ask, “when does tolerance of evil become evil itself?” Read Vox’s take and the cited articles.