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In the esteemed opinion of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, we’ve just seen “the total collapse of Jewish and Israeli PR.” It’s been a rough month indeed, but this one… I think he’s serious:

If we are to win this public relations battle, we in the Jewish community have to make public relations a priority. We have to win over celebrity influencers to the justice of our cause. We have to learn how to master the levers of television, op-eds, broadcasting and social media – not to manipulate the truth, God forbid, but to establish the truth: that Israel and the Jewish people are a moral and righteous light unto the nations, and that Hamas and the other Islamist terrorists are a cancer to freedom and a threat to the entire civilized world.

I mean, I can’t think of a single Jew, of any stripe, in television, Hollywood, the media, the social media, nor in academia, banking, or government. BTW, Boteach (or anyone else in the Israeli/Jewish press) still can’t give any credit to GG; however, I got some more coming! This could be satire. It could be more 5GW (more on that asap). Or, it could be a subtle admission that the lever-pulling that has worked so well against insouciant White Americans and Westerners has no effect whatsoever on the new, diverse audiences. It would be noce to establish the truth.