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Once again, Israelis and Palestinians are fighting it out in the streets … of New York City

Crowds of demonstrators were seen waving the Palestinian flag in support of ending the Israeli occupation of the West Bank.

A group of pro-Israel counter-protesters also descended on the consulate.

Tensions quickly boiled over, with the two feuding groups trading chants and insults, with some of those confrontations resulting in punches being thrown.

Footage posted to social media showed a series of skirmishes breaking out in the middle of the street.

One man was pictured covered in blood after he was struck with a chair during the fierce confrontation.

Equity and inclusion! Diversity is our greatest strength! All are equal! I can only assume that Russia and/or “White supremacists” are behind this further decay. When do they break out the rockets and missiles?

BLM: “We thug!”

Middle-eastern Loons: “Hold muh beer!”

No nation is perfect. No people are perfect. But nationalism at least guarantees your problems are your problems. It’s either that or it’s your problems plus all others from every corner of the globe.