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Of course, the WSJ paints this, as does the Church, as another sad product of the “pandemic.” That’s not where this accelerating failure among Catholic schools comes from.

Catholic schools across the country are struggling to keep the doors open, after a pandemic year that left many families unable to pay tuition and the church without extra funds to cover the difference.

At least 209 of the country’s nearly 6,000 Catholic schools have closed over the past year, according to the National Catholic Educational Association. More closures are expected this summer, and some schools have taken to GoFundMe in an effort to stay open.

Nationwide, Catholic school enrollment fell 6.4% at the start of this school year, the largest single-year decline since the NCEA began tracking such data in the 1970s.

The 1970s … about the time the effects of both the disastrous US social policies of the 60s and those of Vatican II began to emerge. Hmmmmm.

This is what happens when The Church no longer provides much distinction from what is peddled by hopped-up Germans and smoke machines and rock band churches. It’s what happens to the schools when they fail to offer any meaningful escape from the horrors of the government’s system. But, hey, the fake pope did recently call for an opening of the doors. Look what walked in – and out. Homeschool, in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.