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This is a preview of what Stage Nine may look like in a year or five. No charges for the (Black) police officer who shot Ashley Babbitt, an unarmed White Woman.

Yes, reverse the sexes and, especially, the races, and you get a near-instantaneous prosecution. You get a lot of general street violence too.

Given the madness of 1/6(!) and the nature of the scene of the Babbitt shooting, I also find the officer’s actions sad but justified. Nevertheless, we’ve been given a playbook by globohomo and their useless idiot communists. Here goes. Ashley was a good girl. She didn’t do anything wrong. Her murder at the hands of the African Patriarchy demonstrates for the world the systemic racism against White People in the USSA. SAY HER NAME! She mattered! White Lives Matter! ACAB! Oppressed Euro-Americans, you know where the Whole Foods and REI stores are; you know what to do. No justice, no peace!