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Conservative idiots may be aghast at this but just think about it.

Under the guise of “inclusivity,” the University of Nevada Reno (UNR) has implemented segregated dorm communities–telling YAF that white students are not considered to fill spots in “for the safety of student participants.”

According to the UNR website, the school houses three minority-only Living Learning Communities in Great Basin Hall––the Latinx, Indigenous, and Black Scholars. With the school’s website giving vague entry requirements at best, YAF reached out to the school for clarification on any requirements. “In the identity-based communities, for the safety of student participants, it is important only students who hold that identity are considered,” the Executive Director of Residential Life, Housing, and Food Services Dean Kennedy told YAF.

George Wallace was all wrong but this is okay. Because inclusive. I have no idea why any sane Western man would ever consider this cesspool. However, their plan for peaceful separation might work. Try it nationwide.