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The LP in NH is still smoking MJ promoting flying cars?!

There’s a boldness to New Hampshire, a willingness to roll the dice, and I’m tuned into it because I live here in a small town, and I bump up against the spirit of innovation all the time. Once, I was in a quandary over how to get my aging Subaru past inspection, even though one taillight was dangling inside its cracked housing. The attendant at my local dump had an idea: “Just Super Glue the f— out of it, brother,” he said. I did, and it worked.

Back in 2001, a few libertarian visionaries latched onto New Hampshire’s possibilities and resolved to launch what they called the Free State Project, aiming — in the words of their guru, libertarian theorist Jason Sorens — to “establish residence in a small state and take over the state government.” While the takeover is pending, the FSP has surpassed its initial goal of luring 20,000 partisans. Among the emigres was Ammon, the Pal-V sales rep, who moved here with his wife Susan in 2009.

The Free State Project is as dead as anything else the pot party touches, as seen by more Massholes moving to the Granite State than free-trading atheists. But, the idea of a $400,000 operational flying car might work. Again, I’ve been waiting a LONG time, though I will believe it when I fly it.