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So, I guess that Trump won’t be re-elected after all, right? John Roberts again rides to the rescue of the Dark State.

Monday’s rejection of the certiorari petition thus appears to finish off any chances the former president might have had to keep his position in the Oval Office. As distant a possibility as winning a favorable SCOTUS disposition might have seemed, even the slightest of chances would have represented an improvement over the self-defeating option the plaintiffs opted for.

The military option was always the only one with a just of success, for Trump and the US. Now, it’s over, for both parties. Yet, today I heard a Republican’t moron babbling about “getting Trump back in thar in 24!” What part of systemic fraud, untraceable, and no one will be looking from now on is hard to understand?

The good and bad news is that the military option is still on the table, minus the reality TV star. Secession-Balkanization 2024!