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Wise experts are finally noticing that abortion, the pill, foreign invasion, financialization, and total societal collapse have serious consequences. Younger American generations are not having children. And, thank God they concluded it like this: shut up, Boomers:

The Brookings Institution has predicted “a large, lasting baby bust” of at least 300,000 fewer children in 2021.

For Laura Lindberg, who tracks reproductive data for the Guttmacher Institute, the decrease in births could be a sign of progress — a marker of women’s equality and freedom of choice.

“So it’s a shift to later in life. In that shift comes more education, more career, more employment. So it’s a reordering of how people engage in adulthood,” Lindberg explained.

Dowell Myers doesn’t disagree — but in the bigger picture, he worries the declining birth rate is also a “barometer of despair.”

Myers said he never expected to be talking about a global declining birth rate during his lifetime.

Asked what changed, he pointed to “the burdens of life.”

“The cost of housing, the cost of education, all these things have become more and more difficult,” Dowell said. “I think the boomers themselves don’t realize how much harder it is for millennials today. And they think, ‘Oh yeah, when we were young we had to live, you know, on very little money, and we made do, and you can do the same.’ That’s the story, right? Well no, it really is a lot harder for young people today. It’s amazing how much harder it is.”

All that – the “equality” and freedom” bullshit especially, plus a shift from a responsible White Christian population to a waring collection of hedonistic tribal heathens, explains much. The plastics and poisons may explain the rest.

Here’s the really interesting part: this is global. They used to insert “MORE (third-world) IMMIGRATION” at the end of these stories. That’s missing unless I just missed it. That change is noteworthy. This entire collapse was planned and the planners have little to no use for any group(s). Is this, as they roughly hint around at, a depopulation agenda? Could it be a genocide? Interesting times.

Young Americans and other Westerners: DO NOT participate in the plan! Get married, stay married, stay healthy, and have as many kids as you can. Homeschool them.