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The average Amerikan is extraordinarily stupid and gullible. That helps explain why so many have gone along with the hoax and why they want to poison themselves with the hoaxine. Unfortunately, they’re also extremely fat. And, fat, it seems, inhibits hoaxine effectiveness.

It may be because their fat hampers their immune system, which is involved in making antibodies.

Extra weight can cause long-term inflammation, which sabotages the immune system and makes it less able to fight infection.

Obesity, defined as a BMI over 30, has already been shown to be a risk factor for severe Covid and death, prompting health officials to warn the public to drop some pounds.

But the exact reasons have not been clearly explained.

The world may never know.

No word on whether the extra lard lowers the chances of cellular supercharging and targeting for non-hoax viruses in the wild. It could be that these tubbies have eaten themselves into medi-genocide immunity – by accident. They’ll likely fret about that when or if it comes.