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It’s a wee bit late for civic nationalist boomer conservatism. That ship sailed (and sank).

Through no fault of my own, I caught a little of Trump’s speech to CPAC this evening. I’m tempted to say the whole conference was pathetic, but it’s more irrelevant. If it was anyone but Trump., I’d say his speech was disgraceful. But the man did perhaps as much as anyone could do. It was probably too late, even for him. He did buy us four years and he laid bare all of the terminal problems. It’s too bad he doesn’t seem to see them now.

I did not like his chastising those whom he said failed to take action after the election theft. That was his job and he failed. The time for any speech was long ago. Up until about noon on January 20th, we needed strong action. And we did not get it. So, the rest – the bragging, boasting, low African-American this and that, muh economy, Judeo-Christ, military, Lee Greenwood, etc – was a pure wasted effort. CPAC is a waste as is conservatism. Total failure.

The hard times are here. If there’s a practical way forward that does not involve all-out war, then it’s most likely via the states. If strong governors can be found who will do what is necessary to either break Washington’s power or break from it, then that will be well. It’s wait-and-see, so we wait and we will see.

Thanks, Donald, but your time is passed. Who’s up for some hard-right Christian nationalism?