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The USSA is a wicked, lost, dead empire that literally begs for God’s destruction. The 117th Congress opened, January 4, 2021, with an invocation to the demon “god,” Bramah. This afternoon, Vox Day reported that judeo-satanic representative (((Jerry Nadler))) (D-Hell) said, “God has no authority in the House of Representatives” during a hearing on February 25th. He probably did. I searched the record for the remark and didn’t find it. Instead, I stopped looking when I heard what he said on the House floor in support of the lgbtqVPC bill, 03:02 in this video: “what any religious tradition describes as God’s will is not relevant to this congress.” Close enough.

We were sternly warned about these lying children of the devil, enemies of all mankind. They are determined to go home and to drag us and our children with them. We cannot live safely with them.

He will not be mocked.