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A heartwarming story, really: the great artist has had enough of third-world Amerika and prepares his imminent departure.

Although the news may come as a shock, the decision has reportedly been a long one in the making. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Wonder told the International Association of African American Music in 1994 that he planned to one day move to Ghana because “there’s more of a sense of community.” The outlet reported that over the years, Wonder has also visited Ghana on numerous occasions.

Elsewhere in his discussion, Wonder opened up about what he called a “dangerous” era in the United States, telling Winfrey that “it feels more dangerous than ever before.” He said the U.S. has “allowed love to go out and negativity to come in.” He said all Americans need “five years of atonement,” and challenged Americans to “take the time out, look at the wrongs and the things that have happened, and say, ‘We’re going to fix this.'”

Far, far too dangerous. 500 years of atonement might help, but repatriation is always a viable answer. Hey, Stevie! Thanks for the musical magic, farewell, and could you take Coke with you?