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January 6th. The Capitol. Insurrection. Policeman dead by a fire extinguisher. Just another of the never-ending lies.

The problem with this story is that it is false in all respects. From the start, there was almost no evidence to substantiate it. The only basis were the two original New York Times articles asserting that this happened based on the claim of anonymous law enforcement officials.

Despite this alleged brutal murder taking place in one of the most surveilled buildings on the planet, filled that day with hundreds of cellphones taping the events, nobody saw video of it. No photographs depicted it. To this day, no autopsy report has been released. No details from any official source have been provided.

Not only was there no reason to believe this happened from the start, the little that was known should have caused doubt. On the same day the Times published its two articles with the “fire extinguisher” story, ProPublica published one that should have raised serious doubts about it.

It is safe to assume that anything the government and the media tell you is false. Only wicked and retarded people will ever again trust these liars. In other words, the majority of USians will continue to accept the bullshit from the elite sewers. In that sense, it’s all fitting.