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In the dying USSA, fake president Biden is putting the global stamp of approval on more baby murders.

President Joe Biden signed a series of executive orders on Thursday aimed at rolling back some of the Trump administration’s most far-reaching abortion restrictions, including one denying U.S. aid to health groups abroad that provide information about the procedure.

The actions will begin restoring federal support to abortion providers and organizations that offer abortion counseling while promoting the new administration’s reproductive rights agenda on the global stage.

Elsewhere on the global stage, on the Christian part of it, the Poles reiterate their noble ban on killing children.

A near-total ban on abortion has taken effect in Poland and triggered a new round of nationwide protests three months after the constitutional court ruled that the abortion of congenitally damaged fetuses is unconstitutional.

Satan is well pleased with the degenerate USSA. He hates Poland. Thus, his harpies in Poland attack the good and the decent – without effect; in the USSA, the harpies rule in the absence of the good and the decent. What’s the difference? Poland is a coherent nation, one People with one Christian identity. The USSA is a dead shithole full of squabbling tribes. If this seems, for the USSA, like a punishment from God, then maybe it is. Nationalism or murdering tiny children, take your pick.