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Shocking poll news out of France!

Macron humiliation: President to be beaten by Le Pen in first round of election – new poll!!!

EMMANUEL MACRON could see his seat stolen by Marine Le Pen as soon as in the first round of the 2022 French Presidential election, a new poll has found.

It’s “his seat,” see? Got that? And the same infernal voices that shout about “democracy” call it stealing if they people dare to democratically go against the shouting voices.

If I can ever get around to it, at the end of AURELIUS, there’s a short story appended about Dr. Ironsides’s prior adventures in Paris. In said short – one day, I promise… – a prediction is made about a certain election in 2022. France, make it all come true! Do it for yourselves, for your Republic, and for the West! Give them something to shout and cry and whine about.