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After all, no force was used in this insidious scheme of spying on US citizens, presumably to include many Americans.

In a new document made public Friday, the nation’s top military intelligence agency acknowledged monitoring the location of U.S.-based mobile devices without a warrant through location data drawn from ordinary smartphone apps.

Sure, we used to have that Fourth Amendment thing, but it wouldn’t even apply in this case, in which the spy agencies used data purchased from common commercial sources. No warrant was or is required. No problem, right?

I’ve been thinking about the worship of the private business and privatization, of which I was once too guilty. This story made a great lede into the subject, a follow-up to yesterday’s deconstruction of the “Party of Principle [SIC].” Look around today and some of the worst abuses of freedom and privacy are committed by organizations that end with “Inc.” Google, Palpal, YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, Faceberg, etc. are all private companies, so what they do, even if concerning, if okay – because private. The libertarians (and many conservatives) cheered when the bulk of control over the US internet changed hands from a government agency to a private corporation.

The phenomenon goes far beyond Big Tech. Banks play political correctness policing and identity politics as do many other businesses from insurance agencies to big-box retailers. One business after another (generally of the larger variety) falls in line with anti-Western nonsense like LGBTVPC, BLM, baby murder, and more.

When anyone on the legitimate right criticizes one of these nefarious corporate decisions or statements, he is usually hit with the old, tired, and idiotic accusation that he is no better than a socialist.

Yet, what do all of these companies have in common? They are all “private” corporations. And corporations are merely fake “persons” created, as if by black magic, for the general purpose of avoiding liability. They are created, as if by black magic, by government sanctification. They are government entities. Let the marijuana smoke clear out and think about that.

What the libertarians, again, fail to grasp is the nature of observable reality. There is a definite and known nexus between government tyranny and woke corporatocracy. The means are slightly different if highly intertwined, but the ends are the same – oppression of real people and the suppression of real human rights.

In strong nations, comprised of solid, compatible demographics and where the governments answer to the people they serve, this isn’t a problem – for the people. Not long ago in Poland, IKEA came to town and opened a store. They employed a local Christian (not a rarity in distinct, coherent, Catholic Poland). A manager instructed the Christian employee to participate in a woke corporate worship of sodomy and degeneracy. The employee, citing Christian doctrine, declined. IKEA fired the employee.

In Amerika, that would be the end of the story, unless the mob piled on and harassed the Christian further. Libertarians would defend the satanic, government-entity corporation’s actions, because PRIIIIIVATE! A few decent people might boycott IKEA and find themselves labeled as intolerant bigots. But, most importantly, no moral lines would have been crossed because PRIVATE and because no force was used.

In Poland, as soon as the Christian informed his nationalistic public servants, people at IKEA were arrested and sentenced to prison for violating the rights of a Christian.

In the original story, I’m sure that many civil libertarians are genuinely concerned about the overreach or existence of the underlying spy agencies – and they should be. However, their defense of all things private, contractual, and free renders much of their protesting mute. And, because of their tendency towards the atheistic and the egocentric, they have a difficult time realizing the value of the person above the involved government-corporate machine. Again, if they could put down the dope, the proper order goes something like this: the individual is to be respected; the government is to assist the individual, and; the corporation, if it must exist (a large “if”), should be strictly limited by the government from abusing the rights of the individual.

A Bonus, regarding the LP’s statement on the peaceful protests of January Sixth: Why is it that the LP’s wimpy statement is precisely in line with those from the other political parties, the government itself, the media, and hordes of those “private” corporations? It’s because they are utterly confused, out-of-touch, and disingenuous. Peaceful protesting against corrupt governance is unacceptable violence, yet the murder of a million babies each year is a good-faith draw? Bullshit.

Here, again, their replacement or displacement of Christian morality helps them miss the greater point. What goes on in that Capital that so horribly violated by people who only wanted a fair election? Two days before the “riot,” the 2021 Congressional Session opened with a “prayer” from a dullard shyster (Awoman!) to a pagan demon, Brahma. No collection of criminals, so satanically possessed, can honestly clamor about the dangers posed by an “assault” by the very, generally God-fearing people they are supposed to represent in the first place. Where was the statement of condemnation about that?

It’s Christian Nationalism, or it’s chaos, slavery, spying, violence, death, and despair – with or without the alleged benefits of herbal intoxicants.