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The good people in Kamala’s hometown are celebrating her ascendancy.

Residents of a tiny Indian village surrounded by rice paddies flocked to a Hindu temple, setting off firecrackers and praying and as they watched Kamala Harris, who has strong roots to the village, take her oath of office and become the U.S. vice president on Wednesday.

Groups of women in bright saris and men wearing white dhoti pants watched the inauguration live as reporters broadcast the villager’s celebrations to millions of Indians. The villagers chanted “Long live Kamala Harris” while holding portraits of her and blasted off fireworks the moment she took the oath.

Imagine how much happier they’d be if their little girl would just come back to them! Alas, they cannot enjoy the dual blessing of the rule of women AND foreigners like the patriots in the USSA. USSA! USSA!