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To the GET OUT! list. Yeah, if only America had leaders like this!

The government of Uganda has disabled Twitter within its borders for election interference, days after oligarch Jack Dorsey took initiative to suspend accounts supportive of President Yoweri Museveni.

President Museveni is known as a devout Christian, and has been the target of animosity from western governments and global corporations his his staunch opposition to homosexualism. Uganda’s election is scheduled for Thursday, and the state has suspended Facebook and Twitter’s services for systemic bias against his National Resistance Movement.

Nationalism works, even when it is not tied to the West. Notice that Twits took action against a Christian who opposed direct satanism. That tells you about all you need to know. If you’re permitted a 2022, 2024, etc vote, this might be the kind of movement to get behind. Those, pending action on or before the 20th, look like mighty bigs ifs.