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In the wake of the police shooting and murder of Ashli Babbit (say her name!), an unarmed White Woman, during a peaceful protest for justice by American Patriots at the Nation’s Captial yesterday, a host of pathetic, evil slimeballs have become utterly unhinged. Among these treasonous rodents is a fool who contemplates filing baseless and false charges against the one man who can simply wave his pen and make the charges disappear.

The top federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C., on Thursday pointedly did not rule out charging President Donald Trump in connection with inciting a riot where his supporters invaded the U.S. Capitol complex a day earlier.

Acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin said the Department of Justice will consider lodging criminal charges against anyone who played a role in the riot, which for hours delayed the certification by Congress of Joe Biden’s election as the next president.

Donald Trump should use his pen and his power and preemptively pardon anyone associated with the peaceful protests, including himself and excluding only those who committed the murder of Ashli Babbit and those rats whom the killers protected. In fact, as a parting gift to America (not that he’s necessarily going anywhere), he should blanket pardon all Americans for all federal crimes they have ever committed, ever possibly committed, or have ever been charged with committing. Our Democracy or something is at stake! Then, using the same pen he should declare enemy combatants all those deep state monsters who have oppressed the people and destroyed our nation. He should do it in the name of Ashli Babbit! Say her name! SAY IT!