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Let the pathetic saga unfolding right now in Georgia be a stern reminder of what happens when a people abandon God, common sense, and unity. The four Senatorial candidates just couldn’t be any weaker or lower. Is this what the voters deserve? Probably. With David Perdue standing in as a mental/emotional child, take note of the threat of youths (Perdue) and women (Barbie) as promised in Isaiah 3:12; observe the rise of foreigners (Ossoff and Rev. Warlock) promised by Deuteronomy 28:43.

Now, in just a few short months, the Census Bureau will tally the total damage done to the Peach State these past 56 years. Behold the Empire Third-world State of the South.

Tomorrow, at 6PM (ET) on the FP channel, we take stock of the trials of the US as a whole.