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The people who constantly remind the rest of us that we do not need, want, or deserve homelands are mildly alarmed about losing theirs.

For the first time since the founding of the State of Israel, the country’s Jewish population dropped below 74%, according to the Israeli Immigration Policy Center (IPC), which cited data from the Central Bureau of Statistics.

The number of Jewish immigrants also hit a record low this year, with 33.8% of the total number of new immigrants, according to the IPC.

How to approach this news???

One view is that Israel will now experience the manifest blessing of diversity! Hooray! They honestly can’t expect their ethnostate to remain the monolithic culture that it was. This change has to happen. Some may be resented for it. (yawn)

The other way is to consider encouraging mass migration of the Diaspora back home. As a strong supporter of nationalistic Israel, this is my choice. Just sing that great Donnie Iris song, Aliyah!, and get on the planes.