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If only the GOP could open up the gates of progressive, inclusive DIEversity as the Gen Z kids say. This story is from NBC “News” so it obviously draws certain conclusions about the electoral victory of Empress Kamala.

For many young Republicans, Trump’s loss signals an opening for new directions within the party. Several said in interviews that they want the party to become more tolerant and inclusive while staying true to conservative values.

“The GOP has a lot of really good policy, a lot of winning policies, but it does seem like often we can get caught up on the losing ones and fight like hell for them,” said Cameron Adkins, a sophomore who is vice president of College Republicans at Columbia University. “When in reality, they’re losing issues with the American people.”

Loser party, losing issues. Makes sense.

Adkins, 19, said he hopes the party can expand its reach by continuing to make priorities of core social issues, such as guns and abortion, while embracing a rapidly diversifying electorate by toning down its rhetoric around racial injustice, which research shows young people tend to be more tapped into.

“We should be attempting to expand our reaches, even if it does cost us” some of the more traditional Republican voters, he said. “I guess I’m willing to lose as long as we’re doing the right thing.”

At least he’s willing to lose, the most Republican thing ever! Could he or his luciferian handlers tell us what the GOP has done to stop ninety years’ worth of steady gun control? No. How many babies have they saved in the past 48 years? Zero. Read the whole thing, about changes in the last 50 years, the lessening of [Christian] religious influence, the “old racist white people,” the LGBTQ+VPC, and more.

The GOP is the worse side of the Uniparty because they vaguely lie about traditional American ways even as they always march along with, maybe a half-step behind, the more honest Demoncrats. They have conserved nothing and should be put down immediately. If Trump (about the only real RINO there is) loses on Wednesday, then the GOP’s decades of faithless appeasement and corruption will succeed; the last official, legal vestiges of America in the US will die.

None of this, or very little of it, is the fault of the younger generation. Rather, it is the product of more than a century of evil and stupidity by older, worthless fools. On or about January 20th, there is a distinct possibility that the kids will go actively on the hook for what has been done to them and the former nation they never had a chance to know. Millstones and fire should await the guilty.