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January 2021 may be the greatest month in American history. Vox Day sums up rumors and allegations to beat the band.

Bill Gates is going down as well.

George Bush 41 and 43, Bill and Hillary, and Obama all ran crime families, and they ran them out of the Oval Office. He said he believes the notes given at Bush 41’s funeral said, “I’m sorry, but they know it all.”

Under the 2018 EO on voting integrity, President Trump will have the power to seize all the assets of the Fake News mainstream media once things start happening, because they have profited from trying to aid China in voter fraud.

He also points out there were reports of gunfire before the bombing, and that it is inconsistent with a lone bomber, and might indicate good guys killed the bomber before he positioned the bomb appropriately, and that is why the bomber failed to destroy the “evidence” he was trying to destroy.

Lin says he believes if the election is shown to be fraudulent, all down-ballot elections may have to be re-held.

President Trump will prove to be the greatest President in the history of the United States.

There is so much more. Is any of it true? And, if so, will accusation give way to action. There is, in the alternative, the chance January 2021 may be the absolute end of America. We’re about to find out.

PS: In any event, it might be a REALLY good idea to prepare for civil unrest.