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A warning I delivered at FPC yesterday.

ALERT: More about this on the news Monday, but a preview for you guys and gals. In re Nashville, I’m not sure about “Mr. Warner” or anything else yet. The RV (or one very similar) was pictured at 115 Bakertown Rd. However, the duplex (maybe the RV?) was sold on Nov. 25th (to someone from guess where??). I have a developing theory about this episode and it is not necessarily good (bombing = hot war). At any rate and under any circumstances, in the near future, residents of the US please prepare for (temporary):

Comm and utility disruption;

Possible curfew and travel limitations;

Alternative heat (it’s winter, kids);

Food shortages;

“Peaceful protests;” and,

More incidents and retaliation (get out of the cities).

Of course, I have since learned more, but the above is still valid. Hopefully, it is an unnecessary precaution.