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A cautionary tale, if too accepting of the narratives. of what can happen when things slip too far.

This is a cautionary tale. What happened in 19th-century Ireland can easily happen here. Congress knows what’s happening and if it fails to act before the Christmas recess, homelessness will become an urgent issue, maybe disastrous. This would not be negligence or overconfidence in the workings of the free market. This would be an act of national suicide. Thus far the only major piece of legislation that has been passed in the House of Representatives has been a bill to legalize marijuana. Perhaps that is their solution to the problems we face. If so, we are all in for a lot of heartache. After a health crisis that has killed hundreds of thousands and has destroyed a great economy, we can’t have millions of our fellow citizens thrown onto the streets of our cities and towns. Like watching a tornado form down a country road, we can see what’s coming.

At least the Irish had the English to blame. We can only blame ourselves.

Congress also knows what they’ve done, this year and long before. They do not care. They did it, but we did allow it. Still, even now, some think they can trust those who could not care less about the rest of us. We need a great reset, just certainly not the variety the usual suspects are floating.