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At this point, it’s almost a safe bet to write off the “elite” private academies along with the utterly failed government “schools.” Another example:

The Dalton School in Manhattan is having a race meltdown. It’s absolutely insane. Teachers are holding the school for ransom with demands, but they’re so extreme the school will crumble if they give in. But they’ll crumble if they don’t, too!

Here are some of the demands:

The hiring of twelve (!) full time diversity officers

An additional full time employee whose “entire role is to support Black students who come forward with complaints.”

Hiring of multiple psychologists with “specialization on the psychological issues affecting ethnic minority populations.”

Pay off student debt of incoming black faculty

Re-route 50% of all donations to NYC public schools

Elimination of AP courses if black students don’t score as high as white

Read the entire insane, anti-White, anti-Western thing. Then, if you even suspect your child is committed in such an institution, it’s time to homeschool or unschool. Those options, or miserable failure.