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The same lowlife who packed NY nursing homes with sick people has finally found the cure for the 2020 blues! (Illegally) Banning the Confederate Flag!

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, signed legislation on Tuesday prohibiting the sale of Confederate flags on public property, including at state and local fairs.

Cuomo was well aware that such legislation is likely to fail a First Amendment test, but this did not deter him.

“This country faces a pervasive, growing attitude of intolerance and hate—what I have referred to in the body politic as an American cancer,” he wrote.

Thank God someone stepped up and finally did it! Go get ’em, Cuomo Reb! I’m sure this will instantly cure the pandemic, election, economy, riots, crime, corruption, state deprivation of civil rights, and other hoaxish bullshit that plagues NY. If the body politic of American (USian) cancer could speak, it would sound a lot like Cuomo.