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This might be a decent place to live.

The town that doesn’t believe in COVID: ‘Off-the-rails’ mayor of tiny Washington community keeps open its 30 businesses as locals pack bars, refuse masks and claim lockdown is utter nonsense

Mossyrock mayor Randall Sasser passed an ordinance in November refusing shutdown, citing ‘Constitutional rights of small town America’

The town, with a population of 759 in the 2010 census, says it’s ‘unfair’ to restrict its 30 businesses, claiming the state will not give him data on local infections

Sasser says ‘District Three’ of Lewis county, which encompasses Mossyrock and has a population of around 23,000, has had ‘around 80 cases since March’.

Pay the hoax no attention and it ceases to exist. Of course, we all know the hoax is real. It’s only the flu this year that doesn’t exist