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Poland and Hungary, sane bulwarks of the West, are again under attack by the forces of hell, as told in Crisis:

Poland and Hungary are in trouble with the European Union again. Ostensibly, this time it is a budgetary dispute that neither Warsaw nor Budapest is willing to sign off on. But, in essence, it is a clash of postmodernism on the one hand and traditionalism on the other. Brussels endeavors brutally to impose its social-engineering schemes on the Poles and the Hungarians, who view such ham-fisted behavior as a violation of their national sovereignties.

At the moment, we are witnessing a fight over two fundamental issues: immigration and sexuality. Brussels huffs and puffs about freedom of movement and human rights. Poland and Hungary simply must accept whatever quota of Third World migrants (mostly Muslims) the E.U. has set for the member states. Further, they must agree to all rules and regulations favoring LGBT causes, abortion, and so on—long overdue in the region. Or so Brussels says.

Stand! My prediction: they hold and civilization endures. Then, the EU will continue t dissolve as more Euro nations return to their roots. Then, the satanists will be sent fleeing to their master! Keep the faith and the hope!