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Almost every Libertarian I have ever known has been good and decent. Here, a good and decent Libertarian writes a good and decent article about how his party was left out once again in the 2020 election (which the AP has called for Joe Biden if you didn’t know). Nothing from any big-L Libertarian would be complete without mentioning dope; this one does not disappoint.

Voters, “perhaps those with a libertarian streak, in red and purple states such as Arizona, South Dakota, Mississippi and Montana voted to relax their drug laws and reject the status quo,” Zachary Siegel noted for NBC News.

Libertarians “got almost everything they wanted,” Liz Mair wrote in The New York Times in a piece that anticipates Republicans holding the Senate.

The weed is legal! Hooray! Why the long faces about the grip of the Uniparty? When Tulsi Gabbard and Ron Paul have no places and little support in the mainstream, then, yes, libertarianism is dead on arrival. Light one up and chill out, maaaan. Or, understand that civil nationalism, R, D, or L, is dead too. If it’s us versus them, then it’s nationalists versus globalists. And the globalists still have everyone thinking in terms of right, left, and dope.