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If the AP and the deep could either pardon reality or just go to hell, that’d be great. Here’s a real look at the real issues concerning the hellish mess of the 2020 election.

We’re waiting for BIDEN’s concession

As Rex explains contra the media narrative, we’re not waiting for Trump’s concession. We’re waiting to see if JOE BIDEN is going to concede in order to reduce the amount of damage to the Republic and the risk of widespread violence or not. That’s the whole point of this drip-drip-drip of increasingly important information, and it explains why Trump has been remarkably constrained in his actions to date. It also explains why Biden has been hesitant to assert himself as the President-Elect and why Kamala Harris hasn’t resigned from the Senate yet.

It’s a waiting game for now. They’re waiting for the next shoe to drop while Trump patiently waits for them to concede. But we know the clock is running.

Trump has known about the Democrats vote fraud schemes for YEARS. There are tweets as far back as 2012. Ergo, he would have known he was target #1 in 2016, 2018 and of course in 2020. And he was prepared. Trump’s 2018 EOs, CISA trap and infiltration into vote count centers is good evidence of that.

In my opinion, the Dems were lured onto their own killing field. Arrogant, drunk on power and poorly led, no one appears to have considered that Trump was onto them. On Nov 3, the one thing that they hadn’t considered happened.


The Dems panicked. The mail in ballots exposed them. And revealed to everything else they were up to, including the horrendous digital fraud. This narrative of a desperate Trump, losing legal cases while he sits in the Oval Office in denial, is exactly the opposite of what’s happening.

There’s much more – it’s heartening, funny (keep the spirits up, laugh), and right on target!