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As Youtube keeps reminding Freedom Prepper viewers, the AP called the election for Biden. Some of us humbly disagree with the presstitutes – something about the law or something. Regardless, Trump has options to finish his signature project of draining the swamp.

Like Caesar, Trump now must fight for victory or lose everything. Come January 2021, will Donald Trump decide to cast the die and cross the Rubicon? He might.

The same people who warned us that Trump is worse than Hitler will now scoff: “Donald Trump is no Caesar!” That’s true. Trump is in a much better position than Caesar was.

Unlike Caesar, Trump can cross the Rubicon legally. He need violate no sacred law. He has all of the legal power he needs to act and win. Congress has given it to him. All he needs to do is invoke the Insurrection Act.

This could have been done in 2017, but no time like the immediate, right now present.