So, yeah, Drudge has taken a little veer to the left – it’s not your imagination. However, Ron Unz is on it! Check out, maybe bookmark the new Aggregated Newslinks at UNZ.

Just now, they posted this link, to some cheery, world peace kind of news…

Today is the 18th anniversary of the brutal murder of young mother and her 2 children aged 4 and 5
The PA has paid the terrorist responsible for the murder of 13 Israelis, including 4 children, no less than 892,200 shekels ($264,358/€222,630)
The PA has paid each of the families of two dead terrorists involved in these murders almost 200,000 shekels
The PA views terrorist murderers as its “soldiers” and as the “best” of the Palestinian people

No, that’s not really helpful, but Drudge would report it as “Trump Supporters Reel In Epic Loss…”

A column, new or a rerun, may be coming later. Busy week. Stand by…