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More credible allegations of more voter fraud in Michigan – from an admissible eye witness.

-While there observes anomalies in the counter on one of the tabulating machines, resulting in hundreds of votes being counted numerous times

-When reported to her boss Nick Ikonomakis (VP and co-owner) he took her aside and said “the last thing we need is a problem, we are only here to assist with IT, not help them run elections”

-There were 40 such machines running, she estimates thousands and thousands of anomalies like this, just in that one location

-If a reject ballot would not go thru the machine, the employee would get a blank ballot and fill it out, unsupervised, and then forge the voters signature. She witnessed this all day and all night.

-in a 24 hour shift, not a single ballot filled-in this way was for Trump. There was a table that they called “duplicate ballots” for these, which numbered in the thousands

The cheating wasn’t even slightly thought out. Even the show trials of the last century featured a few “thrown” examples to make it seem plausibly fair. If I had to guess, MI, PA, and GA (and maybe WI) should all revert to their election night tally totals before all is said and done.