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“President-Elect” Harris Biden plans to undo Trumps Executive Orders:

President-elect Joe Biden is planning to quickly sign a series of executive orders after being sworn into office on Jan. 20, immediately forecasting that the country’s politics have shifted and that his presidency will be guided by radically different priorities.

He will rejoin the Paris climate accords, according to those close to his campaign and commitments he has made in recent months, and he will reverse President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization. He will repeal the ban on immigration from many Muslim-majority countries, and he will reinstate the program allowing “dreamers,” who were brought to the United States illegally as children, to remain in the country, according to people familiar with his plans.

Woah! Wait. Stop. Didn’t the wise Roberts court rule that one president cannot undo the orders of a previous president? Or, does that only apply to illegal orders? Or, does any of this matter anymore?