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Oklahoma isn’t just a musical anymore.

More than a year later, Turner — a queer, Black Muslim who wears a hijab and identifies as nonbinary — won a seat Tuesday in the Oklahoma state legislature‚ becoming the first openly nonbinary state lawmaker in the country.

Turner’s decisive victory Tuesday night came as no surprise in the solidly blue 88th state House district, which covers a diverse, growing part of Oklahoma City. But in a night of historic firsts set by LGBTQ candidates across the nation, the win arguably stands out for the number of barriers it broke — and for where it all happened.

Wonders never cease. Had I independently written “a queer, Black Muslim who wears a hijab and identifies as nonbinary,” then somebody might have left another bad book review or something. Let it make the “real” news and it’s a cause for celebration. For my part, on behalf of this highly respected web log, I’d just like to congratulate the forward-feeling xersons of Oklahoma (not sure how to Sovietize the state name, sorry) and the newly-elected … criminal justice advocate.

I wasn’t sure what “nonbinary” meant, outside of the statistical sense, so I checked with the set-in-stone, unbiased experts at Wiki. Now I know. Moje podanie o pobyt w nagłych wypadkach przyjdzie dziś po południu. Na pobyt lub jako uchodźca. Proszę pomóż! Mój kraj niebezpiecznie oszalał! Sorry, private message, there.

And, in kind of related news, I’d like to congratulate the people of Georgia for front-running the 2020 Census report. Fade to… Poważnie! Będę bardzo cicho. Po prostu przesiaduję na „plaży” w Zakopanem i chwalę wszystkie urocze panie i takie tam.