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The Saker wrote a dandy column on the demise and death of the US Empire:

This is not to say that the outcome will not matter, it will – but only for the future of the United States themselves. Simply put, the upcoming vote is either a vote for upholding law and order in the US, or for total nihilism. On a deeper level, it is a vote for the US or against it: the Dems all hate this country and its “deplorables”; they also hate almost every aspect of US history (overturned statues are but symbols of this hatred) and they hate what they call “a racist system” in spite of the fact that the real causes of racial tensions in the US have very little to do with the “system” and everything to do with the unique problems of blacks in a culture with mainly European roots.

The Empire is dead. And I hope and believe that its death will mark the rebirth of the United States as a “normal” country (which is what happened to all the other former empires).

Until that happens, we can now at least rest assured that this amazingly evil Empire has finally died, even if very few noticed this.

Read the whole thing at UNZ. It’s well-informed, entertaining, and mostly correct. I question two points. One, how much of the Empire’s nuclear arsenal is still operational? Enough I suppose to keep the heat radiating as he puts it. Two, I’m not so certain that the remains and rump states will exist as “normal” nations for some time to come. Too many issues of the non-political kind to sort out. Those European roots and the new post-Americans and so forth. A fun ride it was – with much more to come.