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A gift for you, dear readers! I had honestly forgotten that this summer, I wrote another novel. Yeah, how does one forget something like that? Dunno. It’s some fifteen times longer than El Dinosaurio, but it’s a book in that diminutive category.

Because you’re special, some sample text:

They both suspected, though they did not know, it would be the last time they ever saw him. Roberto was a man of few words. Naturally, he bolted out the front door without saying anything. A second later, his car passed by, zooming down Main Street towards an uncertain future.

   Almost a year earlier, they had moved into the new building in the center of town. A town of pews and not of news, they thought it now. Sometimes time ticks by; sometimes it just ticks.

   ‘We’ve got to sell the paper!’ he said, frantically throwing business cards in the air like confetti.

   ‘Today’s copy, or the whole thing?’ she asked.

   ‘Both!’ he said.

   Morina was the prettiest girl he’d ever seen. He figured he’d like to take her out for the evening. He did.

Here, because you’re really special, for free, is the whole thing: SOLD OUT (PL, 2020).